Playing bingo online is one of the easiest gambling games to learn. Some say it’s a game of chance, but others say if there is a playing strategy involved the playing session can, or will be a more enjoyable and profitable one. Since the outcome of the games are based on either a live bingo draw, or the use of the RNG (Random Number Generator) all results are indeed random making no said strategy 100% effective. However, with a few practical tips, online bingo can be more entertaining and help to increase your odds of being the next person to yell BINGO. Below, you will find some of our most logical playing tips to employ the next time you play. You may also want to read our new player guide.

  • One of the biggest pieces of knowledge that a bingo player can have is that no matter what you do, or how you do it, bingo is a game of chance, and the best way to start your online bingo adventure is to make sure you’re playing at a reputable and honest bingo site.
  • There is plenty of knowledge to learn by having confidence in sites like ours. Trusting independent site reviews, and our word are two important factors when playing online. With there being literally thousands of online bingo operators, it makes the decision of where to play a difficult one. Trust, play and win are three things to keep in mind when playing.
  • Just about all bingo platforms implement special features giving many options for game play. These options include auto-daub of the cards and manual daub. Auto daub is a better choice, especially for players that like to play the maximum amount of cards allowed, ensuring that no called number remains uncovered, and a possible bingo is missed.
  • Almost all bingo sites that are available to play on the web offer some type of deposit or welcome bonus. Before claiming any said bonus one must ensure that all terms and conditions that come with the bonus are comprehended. This will limit winnings being void along with any wagering requirements, if any, being met before a withdrawal of winnings can be requested.
  • It is extremely important to look through each bingo website before game play is started. This is so verification can be made that the site is a legitimate site to play at. One way to do this is through the sites security verification, privacy policy, or by trusting independent player reviews.
  • Chat games are additional incentives when playing bingo. Chat hosts are in bingo rooms to help assist players if need be, and to turn up the entertainment level just a tad with providing special games that coincide with different bingo patterns being played. These do not cost any money to play, but do reward with cash, bonus and other types of prizes.
  • There are a couple different options for purchasing bingo cards. Option 1 is to choose and select your tickets or, option 2 to have the computer select the cards for you. The best recommendation for card purchases is to choose which option best suits your gaming needs at the time. Both ways provide random results of the game.
  • Players have higher odds of winning at a game of bingo when they choose to play in a bingo room that has a smaller amount of people playing in it. However, most bingo game prizes are based on a certain percentage from cards that are purchased, so the prize amounts will not be as high as a bingo room with more players involved, unless you’re playing for a guaranteed prize amount, then it doesn’t matter how many players are in the room.