Signing up and registering a new player account at a new bingo website is a very simple and a very quick process. As with any form of gambling, players must meet the age requirement before registration can begin.

To start, players must provide their name, address, as well as their birthdate. New players must also provide a valid email address, to verify that they are an actual player. Depending on which bingo site you’re signing up for they may ask to provide a valid debit or credit card. This information, will be needed for players when they make deposits into their real player account as well as when they make withdrawals from their real player accounts. This information will also be used to verify the players’ identity. Players must remember that no money will be taken off of their credit/debit card until they request a withdrawal of winnings.

The email address that is provided will also be used to start the real player account. An activation link will be sent to the email address that must be clicked on to verify the account. Once this process is complete, you will actually be able to begin game play. Most websites will give players free money to begin game play with. This will be given once the account has been fully verified via email or through customer support.

All websites limit player registration to one account per IP (internet provider) address. Players that try to register more than one account can be penalized by the website, this is considered a form of gambling abuse. If a household has more than one family that wants to register for game play, both accounts must be approved by customer support, and must be both verified.

Once you start winning and decide to withdrawal winnings your account must be fully verified with the identity verification process before cashouts will be paid out. Verification documents may include a photo identification, proof of address, or a copy of the credit card used to transfer funds into the account.

Any time that personal information changes such as physical address, name change or telephone number, customer support must be aware of these changes so account profiles can be updated.