The recent budget delivered by George Osbourne isn’t usually cause for excitement around these parts, but we couldn’t help raise a smile at the growing popularity of the game of ‘Buzzword Bingo’ that many people were indulging in during his recent budget speech.

To lighten the mood of the dour political speech, bookies were offering odds on a range of different markets from what colour tie the chancellor would wear, to how may times he would utter the word ‘tax’ during his speech! Other buzzwords for the game of ‘budget bingo’ included the time-worn political phrases, such as ‘hard-working families’, ‘all in it together’ and ‘long-term economic plan’, but it was Osbourne’s reference to ‘two kitchens’ that cost the bookmakers dear.

It was a politically-motivated attack on the Labour leader, and a reference to the fact that he has two kitchens in his North London home – a class row that has developed between the parties since Miliband’s home was revealed to have twice as many kitchens as necessary in a recent BBC documentary. When announcing plans to provide funding for the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology, Osbourne said, “Were someone to have two kitchens, they would be able to control both fridges from the same phone”.

It was a cheap jibe, but one which will have been marked on many people’s cards, as political oddsmakers were offering 10/1 on the phrase before the speech. Along with the term ‘all in it together’, Ladbrokes estimated that their payout would be in excess of £20,000.

The day had started well for the layers initially, with Osbourne electing to wear a grey tie – the option that had the least backing – but the chancellors desire to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at the opposition leader brought the house down on the bookies and had plenty of players screaming ‘BINGO!’.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes said, “Osbourne’s gag triggered the biggest budget buzzword bingo payout we’ve ever known. We’ll have definitely paid for a few additional kitchens thanks to the chancellor’s speech”.