Playing bingo provides tons of fun, excitement and many chances to win some good size jackpots. If you’re new to playing online it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure which site to play, the different styles of bingo, bonuses that are offered today, and the different types of software that are now available in this growing market. Below, we have put together a new player guide that will help you along the way to make game play more enjoyable and worry-free.

– There are a few variations offered in today’s bingo market. You have 75 ball bingo which is considered American bingo where 75 balls are used and 25 spots available on bingo tickets. 90 ball bingo, otherwise known as British style bingo is a favourite for its 1 and 2 line patterns and full house or full ticket games. 80 ball bingo is the median of all bingo games. There are a few more numbers added to the board than you will find playing 75 ball, but fewer than 90 ball. The bingo tickets differ in style, but still provide the same entertainment as the others.

– Understand the difference between the patterns. Variety is a spice of life, and with bingo too! Basic bingo patterns include 1 line, 2 line, diagonal line, horizontal line, vertical line, full house, coverall, 6 pack, 9 pack, 4 corners, and other various shape patterns.

– Bingo bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. The best bonuses new players can claim are free no deposit ones. Since there are so many online bingo sites available today, most of them compete with others to attract players by offering the free bonuses to test out the site. Playing with free money is always the best way, but make sure the bonuses aren’t too good to be true, meaning the terms and conditions of the bonus is achievable if followed through.

– Bingo rooms offer live chat hosts for two reasons. The first one is to provide instant support for players, and the second reason is to make the rooms more fun by adding to the excitement of playing chat games for opportunities to win extra bingo cash or bingo bucks, often known throughout the industry as BBz.

– Most bingo software’s offer extra features such as auto-daub of bingo tickets, audio adjustment options and auto-buy. With the auto daub option, the computer will automatically cover the numbers for faster game play. This is especially helpful for new players of online bingo with helping not to miss a number and possibly a bingo. Adjust the audios to hear background music and the bingo caller.

This is just a basic bingo playing guide to help new players get started playing bingo online. When you’re not sure what to expect playing online bingo, utilizing a new player guide like this one will be nothing short of helpful.

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