When playing online bingo it’s almost like you’re in a totally different world. It uses its own talk, or lingo rather for communication with the games and playing session. This lingo is used on all operators sites, in reviews and in game guides. Below you will find a detailed outline for the most common lingo’s in bingo rooms around the world. Do not confuse this with Bingo Chatroom terminology.

Bingo Caller- Most bingo rooms name their bingo caller usually with a funny or comical name, he is the most important person of the game.

Jackpot- Is what you will win if you achieve the playing pattern within a set amount of numbers that are called. It doesn’t matter the pattern, any and all bingo games can offer a jackpot prize.

 Guaranteed Prize- The prize is guaranteed no matter how many players, bingo tickets or money is taken in for a particular game.

Chat/Chat Games/ Chat Hosts- All three of these coincide with each other. Chat rooms are offered in every bingo room where chat hosts are monitoring if players need assistance with the games, and also provide a level of entertainment with playing chat games for extra bingo cash.

Lobby- The lobby is where you will find all bingo rooms, side games, account information and more.

 Ticket- Tickets are your bingo cards. Depending on which style of bingo is being played these can be either strips with 6 tickets in each row or one grid style ticket with 25 numbered spots.

 Daub- This is what you reference to covering the bingo numbers on cards that have been called. There are usually two options; manual or auto-daub.

Buy-In- Refers to the initial cost of purchasing bingo tickets or cards.

Pattern- Is what is selected for each bingo game that must be attained in order to claim bingo.

Full House/Coverall- These two lingo’s reference to when the entire ticket or card is covered with the numbers that have been called.  

Bingo Board- is the display board that will show players all of the numbers in a bingo game that have already been called. Players refer to the board to ensure that all numbers that have been called have been “daubed” on their bingo cards.

Bingo- Is what you yell if you are the first to have the pattern being played marked off your bingo ticket.