Bingo Chat Room Terminology

Online bingo chat rooms have their own terminology just as online bingo does. The chat lingo can be a little confusing for players to understand especially if you are new to the game. We have compiled a detailed list below that explains what each of the abbreviated words you see scrolling the chat rooms across the bingo network means to help you better understand the different type of chat.

AFC– away from computer                            3tg– 3 numbers to go for bingo

AWK– away from keyboard                          2tg– 2 numbers to go for bingo

ATM– at the moment                                     1tg– 1 number to go for bingo

BB– be back

BBL– be back later

BBS– be back soon or be back shortly.

BLNG– better luck next game

BRB– be right back

BTW– by the way

CM/CH– chat moderator or chat host

COI– come on in

DK– don’t know

DTS– don’t think so

GG– got to go

GGR– got to run

GGA– good game all

GL– good luck

GLE– good luck everyone

JK– just kidding

JP– jackpot

LOL– laughing out loud

NP– no problem

PLS– please

ROFL– rolling on the floor laughing

SYS– see you soon

TTYL– talk to you later on

TQ– thank you

TY– thank you

WTG– way to go

YW– your welcome

YVW– you’re very welcome