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Bestbingosites.com has been created by a team of bingo fanatics based in the UK, with the aim of creating the best resource for online bingo, and a community where players can offer tips and information to each other about the vast range of bingo sites online today.

Our team of ten are mad about bingo, and we’re all players first and foremost. We’ve seen over the years that the online space can be difficult to navigate, and it’s not always easy to determine if a bingo website is reliable and trustworthy. With this in mind we set about developing a website where we can provide our members with the best, verified bingo sites, the best special offers available, and a platform upon which to file reviews and complaints about any bingo websites.

The beauty of Bestbingosites.com is that we are not tied to any bingo sites, and we do not accept payment for positive reviews and/or recommendations. We are firmly on the side of the player and value our reputation as a trusted source of reliable, unbiased information.

We’re hugely passionate about feedback and the exchange of information between players, and we actively encourage our members to add reviews about good sites they have played at, to leave complaints about bad sites they have played at, and to pass on any information that will make online bingo a safer and more enjoyable game for all of us.

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For our part, we have:

A professional review team that reviews all new sites under the same criteria.

A dedicated news team to keep you up-to-date with all the news affecting the world of online bingo.

In-house graphic designers and web developers to ensure that our site provides the best interactive experience.

And a great reputation which we intend to keep! We believe that our reputation is everything, and it is the foundation of a successful website.

So, welcome to the Bestbingosites.com community! We genuinely want your input and feedback, and would love to hear your reviews and experiences (good or bad) of playing online bingo.

If you have any questions please get in touch at hello [at] bestbingosites [dot] com, but otherwise, we hope you enjoy the site!